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Meaning Shapes the Mission: What I Shared with NASA about Social Entrepreneurs

July 29, 2010

Thanks to everyone who helped shape and inform my Innovation Lecture Series presentation to NASA yesterday.  You’d be encouraged to know that the comments and ideas you shared in my original post were read and shared by a wide circle of NASA leaders.

While I make the return trip home, I wanted to let you see the slides I used for my presentation.  I don’t have the time to add commentary or context, so read into them as you please.  Rest assured, I plan to articulate key sections in a series of blog posts here and syndicated thru other blogs, too.  This presentation has produced a watershed of new thoughts and ideas for me.

In the meantime, feel free to offer up your thoughts, ideas, critiques, and challenges here.


  1. July 30, 2010 10:50 am


    I’m sorry I missed the opportunity for input (and I like the personal shift you made in sharing your ideas for input). Some terrific suggestions and points in the deck. I’m looking forward to reading the fleshed out blog posts.

    What do you think it will really take to turn the NASA tanker around? NASA manages to be both technologically advanced and behaviorally antiquated. In talking with Ashoka, they were kicking around (a pretty nascent idea) of partnering their fellows with NASA staff. Imagine the potential social innovation in those partnerships…!

    Thanks for sharing this and congrats on a great presentation.

  2. July 31, 2010 6:14 am

    Scott, great synthesis of all the inputs into one presentation.

    Hope it was received well by NASA. Enjoy your break.:)


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