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Crisis and Media Event: The Outcomes Library

March 23, 2011

While every humanitarian crisis inflicts enormous pain and suffering, the media doesn’t give them similar attention and they aren’t covering them still. Why not?

On February 28, 2011, CauseShift and Oxfam International gathered leaders from the humanitarian aid sector together with innovators inside and outside the sector for a special two-hour event at Y&R’s Ney Center in New York City. We challenged those who gathered to create new ways for humanitarian agencies and the media to create new ways to keep people engaged in real-time and over the longer-term.

To help provoke new thoughts, we started the evening with series of one-on-one interviews between one moderator and four different perspectives. Following this Conversation Gauntlet, the audience divided into four Breakout Teams, each taking on one of the four main questions of the event:

  1. How do you explain a disaster in real-time?
  2. How do you create a marketplace to more efficiently identify needs and match them with resources?
  3. How do you keep 1 million people interested one year later?
  4. What do we need to STOP doing during disasters?

Out of this combination came these ideas and outcomes, which we encourage you to explore and share with others. And for those of you who attended, thanks for making the event a success!

Moderator Preparation:
Research Links

Conversation Gauntlet transcripts and videos:
Ayesha Khanna, Hybrid Reality Institute
Kathleen Hessert, Exercise 24
Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
Stephen Cassidy, UNICEF
The Conversation Gauntlet (videos only)

Breakout Team Ideas:
Answers to the Four Main Questions

Event Slides:

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  1. March 24, 2011 5:14 pm

    The real measure of the CauseShift/ Oxfam event will be in actionable, sustainable efforts after we left that room. I walked away with a better understanding of some aspects of HADR and with names and contacts of smart people who can and intend to make a difference. It was a pleasure being a part of the event and hope I was able to add a layer of understanding and fresh perspective as well. I invite any and all to followup with me if you have further questions or comments. thank you.

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